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Choose a style that is unique to your taste

Solid Wood 
Our ready-to-assemble cabinets are manufactured and constructed from Romanian Maple Wood and German Beech Wood. Different to other companies in the industry, we never substitute inferior pressed wood in our products. With boxes constructed with 5/8” plywood, wood dovetail joints drawers and ¾” solid wood doors, these cabinets are made to last.

Exclusive Design
Soft-close and full overlay cabinets, dovetail under mount drawer boxes slide easily on stainless steel drawer glides. Cabinet doors feature European concealed and 6-way adjustable hinges with a lifetime warranty. Canada Kitchens sets these features as a standard for all our cabinetry; we believe that these small but effective details are essential in making your kitchen functional and durable.

More Flexibility Than Pre-Made Cabinets
RTA cabinets are flexible in comparison to cabinets that have been pre-made. RTA cabinets can be purchased in various sizes, styles and configurations which allow you to create a more customized, flexible look for different kitchen layouts.

More Affordable Than Custom Cabinets
Our RTA cabinets are pre-manufactured in large quantities which lead to lower overall costs for the buyer. Custom cabinets use only the highest quality material, take a longer time to design and are created by independent craftsmen. Although the end results can be beautiful, it also results in higher costs.

With RTA cabinets you can save a lot! This can be extremely helpful to homeowners, builders, contractors etc. who are remodelling on a budget. RTA cabinets helps you save money and balance costs out throughout your kitchen. By saving with your cabinets, you can upgrade to that counter top or backsplash you love. At the end of the day the end-results will be a beautiful, durable kitchen at an affordable cost.

Fast Delivery And Low Turnaround Time
Our turnaround time for RTA cabinets is very effective. All of the required materials are in stock in our 100,000 Sq warehouse. Once your order has been finalized, you just have to click the “purchase” button online, or contact one of our representatives, and your cabinets will be ready for pick up in 2 business days.

Easy To Assemble
RTA cabinets offer an additional way to save money. The tools required are very basic and simple – usually just a hammer, nails, wood glue, and a screwdriver. Video instructions are available on our website.

High-Quality Materials
Our RTA cabinets are constructed with solid European wood for the frame, drawer fronts, and doors, while using a plywood material to finish the inside of the cabinet. You can even invest in good quality all-wood RTA cabinets and still spend only a fraction of what you would if you bought custom cabinets.